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M.I. serves families daily who are forced to show grace in the face of adversity, in the meantime of being challenged to find and keep shelter and/or food. Many homeless citizens are also wrestling with everyday mental challenges and recoveries. The harsh realities of homelessness here in the Nation’s Capital, along with documented stigma induced care that prevents so many individuals and families from receiving adequate housing and mental health resources are at the forefront of this “Homeless No More” initiative.

According to a 2016 study done by the National Institute of Mental Health, there are approximately 6% of Americans who are severely mentally ill, compared to the 20-25% of the homeless population that suffers from severe mental illness. Furthermore, 45% of the homeless population shows history of mental illness diagnoses. Mental illness is often cited as a major cause of homelessness, which is much of what M.I. encounters while spearheading its daily mental health awareness and preventative wellness community outreach and advocacy initiatives.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper is asking you to stand with us. Help us to fund affordable sustainable housing initiatives for homeless and mentally challenged families in and around the nation’s capital M.I.’s ongoing goal is to raise One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) to help M.I. to begin to make a difference in the countless under-served communities throughout the nation’s capital and its’ surrounding areas, where affordable housing is scarce, and many families continue in despair.

Help M.I. by vowing to be a part of the “village” that is needed to help combat homelessness for the many families that are in need. If everyone commits to giving something M.I. knows that a difference can and will be made. M.I. has partnered with Fund-A-Mental Village Corp. to aid in its mission to help eradicate homelessness.

Your donations are tax deductible! Your reward is priceless!