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Helping Our Mental Health Community

M.I. Mother’s Keeper is dedicated to providing secure environments, in which members of our mental intelligence community can come and share their experiences with individuals who have similar relatable experiences.  As you continue your journey of healing or while you sit still and ponder, know that there’s someone who understands and that you are not alone.

Our systems of support aim to serve all.  There isn’t any judgment.  We’ve replaced the word “illness” with “intelligence”, because we feel it’s time to change the climate of how we view mental health and the individuals and families that are surviving daily.  We’re continuing the discussion…please join us. #M.I.isME!

Support Groups

I. Substance Abuse & Addiction Support.
"In Honor of Ronald D. Williams"

II. P.T.S.D., Anxiety, & other mental matters, from the male perspective.
"Moving Men"

III. Mental support for today's woman.
"Dysfunctional Divas"

IV. Mental support for today's adolescence.
"Teen Lives Matter"

Our Community Programs

"Get Moving'' with M.M.K.
Weekly 1 hour community stretch & walk session, designed to Introduce a consistent
routine of cardiovascular activity and rhythm, because exercise is good for the heart, mind, body and soul.

M.M.K's "No Sugar for Me."
Weekly 1 hour educational campaign to teach healthy eating & choices. Research shows
that proper food choices and diet prove to help combat physical & mental ailments.

M.M.K.'s "It's Cool To Be Me."
Weekly 2 hour teen outreach that provides a safe atmosphere for addressing positive &
preventative solutions for feelings of suicide, gun violence & other crimes to include bullying; substance
abuse, promiscuity, molestation, sex trafficking and other issues surrounding our teen community.

M.M.K's "My Body. My Choice."
Weekly 1 hour outreach for teens focusing specifically on matters involving self-awareness,
self-appreciation, self-esteem, good hygiene, skin care, proper eating & diet, puberty, abstinence,
safe sex, and matters of empowerment involving the human body & mind.

M.M.K.'s "Music Matters"
Weekly 1 hour musical lessons for seniors. Introduction of musical exercises & content
designed to stimulate various parts of the mind and body, as an aide in matters of senior health.

M.M.K'S "Music on My Mind"
Weekly 1 hour music lessons and jam sessions that are designed to support artistic expressions of
healing and communication. Keeping the rhythm of the community alive takes a meeting of the minds.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper . . .

“Advocating” for Mental Health Matters!

Join us as we Pledge to continue our support of

S.A.M.H.S.A.'s  8 Dimensions of Wellness!

Formerly In Real Estate & On the Radio. . .
Mrs. Hamilton is one heck of a Community Resource!....

Ms. Rhonda L. Hamilton is W.P.G.R.’s "Executive on Call" and her panel of experts will be hosting empowerment workshops and seminars in and around the community, because the “power of knowledge” benefits us all! “Info Fest” 2017 is just beginning with the first series of workshop scheduling already underway!
Ms. Rhonda L. Hamilton is formerly the broker of Coldwell Banker Household Realty and is currently a licensed Insurance Producer in D.C., MD. & VA., in the areas of life, health, auto, property, mortgage, final expense, business, etc. Rhonda is championing a cause that is near and dear to her heart!
As the founding member of M.I. Mother’s Keeper, Rhonda for many years, has participated in initiatives to educate the community and general public; her relationships with many experts in the fields of real estate, home mortgage, credit repair, tax, property management, you name it… span over twenty years, and they’re all on board to help educate the community through M.I. Mother’s Keeper “Info Fest” 2017 Empowerment Initiative.
Call today and schedule a free "Info Fest" Empowerment Seminar.

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