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M.I. Mother’s Keeper is dedicated to providing secure environments, in which members of our mental intelligence community can come and share their experiences with individuals who have similar relatable experiences.  As you continue your journey of healing or while you sit still and ponder, know that there’s someone who understands and that you are not alone.

Our systems of support aim to serve all.  There isn’t any judgment.  We’ve replaced the word “illness” with “intelligence”, because we feel it’s time to change the climate of how we view mental health and the individuals and families that are surviving daily.  We’re continuing the discussion…please join us. #M.I.isME!


I. Substance Abuse & Addiction Support.
"In Honor of Ronald D. Williams"

II. P.T.S.D., Anxiety, & other mental matters, from the male perspective.
"Moving Men"

III. Mental support for today's woman.
"Dysfunctional Divas"

IV. Mental support for today's adolescence.
"Teen Lives Matter"

Our Community Programs

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M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s “Academic Outreach” Initiatives are designed and developed as M. I.’s intent to reach the youth and to teach them preventative measures of acknowledging and dealing with matters of mental health as well as to demonstrate mental wellness behaviors and practices. M.I’s focus is to help aid in keeping children protected and to always provide programming and environments where youth can express themselves and receive support for any obstacles impeding their quality of living and growth.

Additionally, M.I. Mother’s Keeper recognizes the positive attributes in helping youths to receive a quality education as M.I. continues efforts at educating the youths about the importance of mental health preventative practices & behaviors. M.I.’s “Academic Outreach” initiatives are designed to help advance and introduce youths to various avenues of learning and development to help diminish the STIGMA that is associated with youth seeking help and self-identifying with matters of mental health.

M.I. seeks to empower youth by keeping discussions about mental health at the forefront of their learning environments and curriculums in order that those youths that are dealing with matters of mental health aren’t singled out and made to feel isolated and without support. M.I.’s programming is designed to help families of mental health and otherwise come together to form the “village” that M.I. feels is needed to nourish, protect, and empower the spirits and energies the youth possess.

M.I. knows that children matter! Mental health matters! We’re investing in the youth early to equip them with the necessary tools, resources, experiences, and support to not only aid in their quality of living but also their peace of mind and mental stabilities.

Help M.I. to not only reach the youth, but to also eliminate the awful realities of suicide and trauma that are plaguing children daily in communities and families with mental health exposures and challenges. Join M.I. to continue the dialogue and outreach to assure the youth that they are not alone and most importantly, they are not trapped in their familial or community circumstances. Youths matter! Teen Lives Matter! Help M.I. to identify with the youth in order that they receive timely, quality, and necessary help.

Join M.I. as we introduce programming, workshops, and initiatives to empower the youth, support their growth, and provide mental wellness education to help shape their futures.

“M.I.” is Me! Mentally Intelligent yes that’s me! Youth need to know that it’s okay to ask for and to seek help, because that’s the ‘intelligent” thing to do! M.I. is on a mission to remove STIGMA and to keep communities educated and aware! M.I. has replaced the word “illness” with the word “intelligent”, because we feel that is where the discussion should begin.


Weekly (2) two-hour session where youth between the ages of 5-13 years of age convene to discuss their concerns, emotions, and to learn healthy, positive ways to deal with the pressures that they are facing while living, growing, and learning in challenging environments daily. Youth use these sessions to learn ways of expressing their true feelings and of being accountable for their behaviors and choices. Youth are given opportunities to release anxious energies through physically planned sporting activities, or exercises in “journal writing”, role playing, story-telling, and various other activities. Youth learn to identify with behaviors that are mentally associated and made to feel comfortable despite their personal struggles. Additionally, youth learn to support one another in their uniqueness. STIGMA removal and protecting children is at the forefront of why these after-school workshops were designed. Many communities need “friendly” & “protected” environments for children to exist daily and to discuss concerns, release their feelings, learn ways to emote and to become well-adjusted students and citizens.


On an annual basis M.I. delivers to every youth age 3-17, in selected communities across the D.M.V., back packs filled with school supplies. M.I.’s knows that every pack of paper, pencils, crayons, notebooks, scissors, rulers, erasers, glue, pencil holders, sharpeners, staplers, ink pens, calculators, etc. helps to reduce the hardship for those families that struggle each year to provide the proper schooling resources for their children. M.I. also knows that many children are exposed to the harsh reality of not having the tools that they need to be successful at school, or otherwise. Knowledge is the power that M.I. seeks to equip each of the children who are provided these back packs, most importantly to be sure that their economic circumstances do not impede their abilities to feel adequate and prepared. M.I. knows that it takes a “village” to help save and educate the youth. Donate today and help M.I.’s “Academic Initiatives” reach youth across the D.M.V.


M.I.’s "Reading for Riches" program is designed to get the youth excited about improving their literacy and overall social skills. In exchange for reading and completing the designated reports, according to a pre-determined set of guidelines, M.I. will reward various achievements in their successful reading, presentation of the stories and life lessons learned along the way. 

M.I. feels that it is imperative that we help to improve the literacy rate in communities where resources and economic circumstances are challenged. Specifically in mental health and homeless communities, young citizens should be empowered to improve their quality of living to increase their opportunities to become employable and self-sufficient, while also increasing their social and intellectual abilities.

Please visit “file archive” at the bottom of the website’s home page to see current “Reading for Riches” program information and guidelines. M.I. Mother’s Keeper is more than happy to customize a “Reading for Riches” program in your community or school. Call today or send your request via our webpage.


M.I.’s summer field trip program allows M.I. to spend the summer educating and empowering children across the D.M.V. area with trips to local museums, libraries, & historical landmarks, to learn about cultural, literary, economical, racial, and other uniqueness that should be recognized, in order that there is dialogue to help broaden the youth’s perspectives and exposures.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s “M.I. & Me Around D.M.V.” is designed to expose the youth to environments that spark conversations in which they will learn how to adapt and conform in such manners as to demonstrate a self-sufficient means of behaving as well as also exercising discipline. The youth will also be given opportunities to ask questions and explore the various ways of living and learning to aid in their appreciation for who they are, and the opportunities afforded to them.

M.I.’s summer camp field trip program is also designed to give the youth opportunities to learn about society, the nation, and the world through the scope of various community outings that will take place outside of their familiar environments which typically are plagued with matters involving trauma, mental health realities, and in many cases poverty related issues. These issues often time hinder their ability to otherwise experience opportunities that are rich in empowerment and educational rewards.

M.I. believes that if we change the youth’s environment and perspective, we have a chance to change their lives for the better. Mental Health wellness and prevention starts with opening-up the dialogue and exposures that our youth have daily. M.I. is leading the charge to foster mentally healthy youth, families, and communities, one trip, one youth, and one discussion at a time.

Please visit “file archive” section at the bottom of the website’s home page for more information.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper has partnered with the Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation, The Enantiosis Foundation, & The Marlton Golf Club to provide youths from across the D.M.V. with the opportunity to learn the discipline and rewarding nature of playing Golf for free on Saturday mornings.

M.I. is using the game of Golf to help teach the youth how to persevere despite their life challenges. M.I. is also helping the youth to gain new perspectives on learning and positive ways to release their emotions all while navigating the meticulous rules and strategies that playing golf offers.

The youth learn about the correlation of the S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), components to the game of Golf. They enjoy lunch and transportation to and from the Saturday morning lessons. The youth also identify with such learned behaviors as patience, diligence, respect, and other pertinent every day behavioral traits that help to shape and mold the youth’s focus and performance.

Youth are taught about the employment, scholarship, and business opportunities that Golf offers. Additionally, the youth are held accountable for their obedient and team player attitudes.

M.I. appreciates the opportunity to raise the “consciousness” of not only our communities, but especially the youth. Please visit “file archive” at the bottom of the website’s home page for more information.

Weekly 2-hour teen outreach program that provides a safe atmosphere for addressing positive & preventative solutions for feelings of suicide, gun violence & other crimes to include bullying; substance abuse, promiscuity, molestation, sex trafficking and other issues surrounding the teen community.

M.I. will additionally help teens to focus on matters involving self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-esteem, good hygiene, skin care, proper eating & diet, puberty, abstinence, safe sex, and matters of empowerment involving the human body & mind.

M.I. is challenging teens to release their emotions as a means of not harboring toxic occurrences and realities. M.I. is challenging the STIGMA that so many teens face when contemplating whether to speak up. M.I. knows the importance of helping teens to find their voice, know their worth, and accept who they are. M.I. knows that today’s teen needs a protected environment in which they can receive non-judgmental and unconditional support.

M.I. wants every teen to know that “it is cool to be who they are”. M.I. is tearing down the barriers that are keeping teens from speaking out and receiving the necessary support that they need to overcome horrific and unbearable occurrences, trauma, and realities.

Weekly 1-hour music lessons and jam sessions that are designed to support artistic expressions of healing and communication. Keeping the rhythm of the community alive takes a meeting of the minds. Research supports that exposing youth and individuals with mental health exposures to the “arts”, helps to advance their healing, growth, communication, and overall wellness.

M.I. believes that “music” is the universal language that connects people when their differences many times work to divide them. M.I. has partnered with the wonderful musicians and professional band members of the O.P.I.U.M. band to bring music lessons and musically enriched performances to help encourage and empower our youth to see music as another positive form of communication, and relief.

For more information about the O.P.I.U.M. band go to

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among people between ages 15 and 24, with about 5,000 lives lost each year. Males comprise 84% of all suicides, according to recently reported web sourced statistical data. 

M.I. wants to prevent suicide amongst teens and other populations, in doing so it's important to understand the role that depression plays. Depression is often used to describe general feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, and hopelessness. When teens feel sad or low, they often say they are depressed. While most feel sad or low sometimes, feelings of depression are longer lasting and often more serious.

“Since the rise in depression began in 2012, right around the time smartphones started becoming a universal accessory, they and similar devices have to be playing a large role. Research supports that they could be making it even harder for teens and young people to sleep—lack of sleep being a well-known driver of poorer mental health—or limiting the amount of face-to-face social interaction people get with their friends and family. And while these same effects might also be happening to millennial and older generations, mental health professionals believe that they’d be more influential for people in their formative years”.

M.I. has developed its workshop around the current headlines, research, and opinions involving teen suicide and depression to encourage ongoing thought provoking and life saving discussions among the teen population. M.I. is seeking to raise the awareness among teens about suicidal behaviors as well as the danger of not speaking out and seeking help for themselves as well as for others.

M.I. also knows the importance of Removing the STIGMA & keeping the discussions going among the teen population. M.I. is a part of the “village” that it believes is needed to help keep the teen community talking for the purposes of reducing suicide realities in the community, and the nation. Teen lives matter and M.I. is determined to keep them alive, one workshop, one teen, and one testimonial at a time.

“Teen Lives Matter” podcast is M.I.’s “CALL TO ACTION” for teen activism and awareness surrounding today’s youth mental health topics and concerns. The podcast is recorded weekly with an invited teen guest host from across the D.M.V. The weekly platform will be advertised across the Nation’s Capital and M.I.’s Social Media forums for the purposes of raising dialogue and awareness around youth concerns including suicide, peer pressure, generational differences, stress, etc.

M.I. is asking teens to “keep the discussions going”, because they matter! The “Teen Lives Matter” podcast content will be presented from the perspectives of the many youths and teens who suffer with various forms of mental health exposures and realities daily, as well as their peers who find it challenging and concerning to have friends who are dealing with mental health matters.

M.I’s “Teen Lives Matter” podcast, and youth outreach programming’s main goal is to get and to keep the children “talking” about “mental health”, to help remove the STIGMA involved with asking for and needing help for mental health matters amongst the youth, and to provide a consistent environment to receive unconditional support that is also without judgement.

Weekly 1-hour community stretch & roll (wheel chair), walk, or run sessions designed to introduce a consistent routine of cardiovascular activity and rhythm to the senior population. Exercise is good for the heart, mind, body and soul. M.I. is fostering consistent and active fitness among the senior population. Research supports that exercising regularly can improve matters of poor health both mentally and physically.
Weekly 1-hour musical “mini” concerts and sing-a-longs, for the senior population. Introduction of musical experiences designed to stimulate various parts of the mind and body, as an aide in matters of senior health. M.I.’s senior music program is designed to promote socialization, extended physical recreation, & weekly sessions of good cheer. M.I. knows the importance of keeping our seniors engaged for the purposes of extending, stabilizing, and improving their quality of life.
Weekly 1-hour educational campaign to teach healthy eating & food choices among the senior population. Research shows that proper food choices and diet prove to help combat physical & mental ailments. M.I. is concerned that because of the “fixed” income statuses of many seniors, and the lack of mobility, food choices and availability for seniors in the community are limited and most times lacking the nutritional sustenance that the senior population needs to stay strong, healthy, & viable. M.I. will conduct recipe demonstrations, host invited guest speakers and professionals to aid in supporting the senior population learn healthy eating habits, introduce supportive content to help in diet modifications, and to offer weekly meal sampling, preparation, and demonstrations.

M.I.’s door to door senior “wellness” outreach was implemented as a “grassroots” effort of keeping up with the elders in the community whose mental health and viability also depend on access to proper resources and support. M.I. has implemented a “senior survey” form to aid its volunteers and program representatives in collecting information that is detrimental to the daily living and overall well-being of seniors in the community. M.I. created this outreach to be a part of the “village” that is responsible for helping seniors to receive the adequate nutrition, social interaction, health resources and supplemental services necessary to maintain a positive quality of living and outlook on life.

Please visit “file archive” at the bottom of the website’s home page for more information.

The “DIVA TALK LIVE” segments will be accompanied by a weekly “Brunch on the Waterfront” to be held at the M.I. Mother’s Keeper satellite office located in the District’s southwest section of the Washington, D.C. waterfront area of the city. Its primary objective is to empower women. "Brunch" attendees are invited to also partake in the weekly women’s mental health support group in which the attendees are all affectionately remarked as being, “DIVAS”. Their bravery, strength and perseverance while juggling the many obstacles that life has to offer, has earned M.I.’s Sunday women’s empowerment support group participants the “adopted” titles of "DIVA". As the ladies fellowship and enjoy their "Brunch", the weekly “DIVA TALK” podcast series will simultaneously be broadcasting “live” through M.I.’s Facebook social media platform. The ladies in attendance are also invited to voluntarily share their personal testimonials and view- points, while Mrs. Hamilton serves as the host.

Each segment promises to offer thought provoking and motivating topics of discussion. Women across the District and the nation need an outlet to talk about healing. “Hurt people, hurt people”, so says Dr. Sandra Wilson, Author & Professional Counselor.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper believes that by providing a weekly non-judgmental zone, and a familiar space for our "DIVAS" to come release, regroup, & restore their mind, bodies, and soul, our families, children, and community’s quality of living will be healthily impacted for the overall greater good of all involved.

Many of the families that M.I. provides outreach to are dealing with chronic unemployment, hunger, and border line poverty related circumstances all while trying to manage the onset and reality of having and needing comprehensive mental health care and services. 

M.I.’s “HAND UP” initiative provides transportation to job interviews, business attire to include shoes and hygiene items, phone service and devices, supplemental food to extend a citizen’s pantry until the next influx of food stamps or food bank visits, in addition to other case by case economic matters that are proving to be barriers in the citizen’s plight to a stable and satisfying quality of living.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s “Hand Up” initiative was implemented to aid in providing temporary economic assistance in the meantime of connecting families and individuals with designated governmental, private, or community partner resources.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper recognizes the need on the community level for families who are in crisis mode, and lacking immediate solutions for matters involving hunger, employment, housing, domestic conflict, and many other circumstances that contribute to the mental instabilities of these families and individuals.

M.I.’s “HAND UP” initiative represents M.I.’s continued commitment at being a part of the village that families with mental health exposures need, to assure that they receive adequate support, resources, and accountabilities as they seek to stabilize and recover.

M.I. serves families daily who are forced to show grace in the face of adversity, in the meantime of being challenged to find and keep shelter and/or food. Many homeless citizens are also wrestling with everyday mental challenges and recoveries. The harsh realities of homelessness here in the Nation’s Capital, along with documented stigma induced care that prevents so many individuals and families from receiving adequate housing and mental health resources are at the forefront of this “Homeless No More” initiative.

According to a 2016 study done by the National Institute of Mental Health, there are approximately 6% of Americans who are severely mentally ill, compared to the 20-25% of the homeless population that suffers from severe mental illness. Furthermore, 45% of the homeless population shows history of mental illness diagnoses. Mental illness is often cited as a major cause of homelessness, which is much of what M.I. encounters while spearheading its daily mental health awareness and preventative wellness community outreach and advocacy initiatives.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper is asking you to stand with us. Help us to fund affordable sustainable housing initiatives for homeless and mentally challenged families in and around the nation’s capital M.I.’s ongoing goal is to raise One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) to help M.I. to begin to make a difference in the countless under-served communities throughout the nation’s capital and its’ surrounding areas, where affordable housing is scarce, and many families continue in despair.

Help M.I. by vowing to be a part of the “village” that is needed to help combat homelessness for the many families that are in need. If everyone commits to giving something M.I. knows that a difference can and will be made. M.I. has partnered with Fund-A-Mental Village Corp. to aid in its mission to help eradicate homelessness.

Your donations are tax deductible! Your reward is priceless!

M.I. Mother’s Keeper is bringing the voices of the community together to not only raise awareness but also to keep the focus on Gun Violence and the horrific acts of violence that continue to plague communities daily. Many communities have continually endured one tragedy after another, involving gun violence. There are constant debates surrounding the "right to bear arms", versus, the proportions of violence involving a gun, which is leading to the seemingly, continuous loss of lives. M.I. Mother's Keeper believes that regardless of which side of the debate, political or otherwise, the nation loses when the community suffers a human loss, due to an individual's momentary, decreased mental abilities, and or the absence of rationale decision making in an extremely distressed circumstance, while handling a gun.

How can this be prevented? The repetition of such awful circumstances is a reality that has claimed too many lives. How can the community be educated, as well as be offered indicating factors that could be related to future acts of violence? Are there methods of intervention that have proven to be helpful in circumstances of self-inflicted or other forms of violence perpetrated with a gun? Why isn't there more public opportunity to speak and be heard on these traumatic matters that are occurring on the community level? What does the community offer for the victims involved, or for those who are witnessing such violent recurring acts? Why aren't more manufacturers and retailers in the gun industry hosting "gun violence, safety, & prevention" forums on the community level? Why does this have to keep happening, is there nothing that can be done? Why aren't law makers extracting the necessary funding from the gun industry to support the prevention and intervention of human lives lost?

Unstable periods of mental health appear to be one of the catalysts that threatens the very fabric with which families are raising their children, whether it has been diagnosed or not, or even, just temporary in nature. M.I. is advocating for more funding. There needs to be more comprehensive forums of community involved discussions and programs. Various forms of mental health screenings for citizens affected by these awful occurrences are necessary to address the instances of trauma that are being over shadowed by other events or matters in the community. There also needs to be more research, of an unbiased nature.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper needs your help with removing the stigma in the community, and with dialing up the dialogue surrounding gun violence! Stable mental health matters. In the most delicate moments, when restraint is needed, truthfully, should the only concern be whether the individual had a right to bear his or her gun? What about the continuance of lives lost? What ever happened to being your brother's keeper?

M.I. is seeking community partners to help keep the discussions going. M.I. is meeting with folks from all walks of life to help increase efforts of prevention & intervention in the community. The “State of the Community” Gun Violence Prevention/Intervention Initiative is aimed at providing comprehensive forums to discuss and bring about positive outcomes, as well as to openly examine the context of mental health when considering common sense gun reform.

“Mental Illness” and “Gun Violence” are public health problems that should continually be talked about.’ Please visit “file archive” at the bottom of the website’s home page for more information.

M.I. Mother's Keeper has joined Microsoft's "Giving Community" to help members of the community “get to work” on their careers. Many of the families in the communities in which M.I. Mother’s Keeper serves and does outreach daily, are challenged to find and keep employment.

In many cases there are identifiable resources and skills that consumers lack when trying to secure adequate employment as a means of offsetting their current low earning circumstances, or lack of having a stable means of employment.

M.I.'s "Working on Me" Career Outreach initiative has been designed to introduce the job seeker to a consistent network of support and resources to help aid in their ongoing search for stable and rewarding employment opportunities.

M.I. knows the importance of helping to knock down the economic barriers that many families are facing and currently are dealing with daily while also trying to stabilize and recover from the onset of mental anxieties and realities because of seeking and not securing viable employment.

These career workshops include access to the latest computer software & customized training sessions designed to equip the job candidate with relevant skill and ‘know how’ capabilities for the purposes of increasing his or her employment opportunities. Additionally, there is resume’ prep., LinkedIn career friendly social media setup, assistance & tips, interview, & job role playing as well as proper etiquette, and other career building resources and focuses. M.I. provides transportation and reserved scheduling for these Microsoft career building workshops.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s “Working on Me” Career Outreach initiative workshops are “FREE” and are hosted on Thursday evenings 6-8PM monthly!  (Go to for schedule)

Insurance Sales Career Building & Training Workshops

M.I. is also spearheading "Free" Insurance license trainings & workshops, starting every 1 st & 4 th Thursday of the month.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper recognizes the importance of providing various professional career exposures to members of the community to help with fostering understandings of career opportunities not requiring college level educations, but seemingly able to provide income levels that could prove life changing for many families and individuals who might not otherwise have or seek out these exposures.

Through pre-licensing course material individuals will learn how to become licensed as an insurance sales professional. Additionally, individuals will be offered independent contractor sales employment and ongoing support with M.I.’s community partner and licensed Insurance producer upon successful completion of the course & licensing.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s is helping citizens and communities to win by investing in career training and job placement opportunities to ensure that every M.I. community has access to resources and knowledge to encourage a positive change in not only their behaviors but also their lives. (For more information see


M.I.’s Mrs. Hamilton believes in and knows about the importance of investing in the community. Mrs. Hamilton has committed to volunteering countless hours and resources to help ensure that citizens in and around the communities that M.I. serve receive opportunities to help change and improve their quality of lives for the better. Mrs. Hamilton is an active member on the United Planning Organization's (U.P.O.) Health Advisory Council board which has enabled her to remain connected to those families on the community level who need advocacy the most.

Mrs. Hamilton is formerly the broker and owner of Coldwell Banker Household Realty, and she has also served as radio host of World Power Gospel Radio’s “Executive on Call” show.

She is currently a licensed producer of insurance in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia areas providing coverages in life, health, auto, property, mortgage, final expense, business, and other pertinent areas which aid families in protecting their legacies daily.

Volunteering and providing life changing opportunities for the families that M.I. serves allows Mrs. Hamilton to not only fulfill her personal commitment to helping families of mental health exposures win, but also it allows Mrs. Hamilton the opportunity to reverse the despair and hopelessness that often many individuals in the communities where M.I. programs are, live with daily.

Mrs. Hamilton is a founding member of the M.I. Mother’s Keeper organization, in addition she participates as a landlord with the District of Columbia’s homeless population, as well as being an investor of real estate for well over 20 years. She has participated in various initiatives designed to educate the community and general public about matters involving public health, welfare, and finances.

As a part of M.I.’s “Working on Me” Career Outreach initiative, Mrs. Hamilton will assist persons on the community level with not only learning about how to become employed as an insurance professional, but also how to use their knowledge of selling insurance to not only change their lives but the lives of their fellow community and family members.

Mrs. Hamilton knows that we can all make a difference one community, one initiative and one commitment at a time. Call today to schedule your life changing experience with Mrs. Hamilton. She’s empowering folks daily because she knows that we all lose when so many families and individuals still need jobs, mental health resources, housing, and ongoing support to live their best lives!

Learn more about Rhonda L. Hamilton, LLC Insurance Consultant at


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