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November 10, 2021

Dr. Rhonda L. Hamilton – (240) 274-9436;
Overseer Dr. Ann Coles II – (301) 975-7660;

The Healthy DC & Me Leadership Coalition Inc., dba, The Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition Inc., along with The Kingdom Life Outreach Center, announce the Grand Opening of their satellite offices located at,

4710 Auth Place, Third Floor,
Camp Springs, Md. 20746

Together with a community of invited colleagues, clergy, legislative, small business, community organizations, family, and friends, a celebratory evening of “Elevation, Transformation, & Conversation” will commence on the, 16th of November 2021, Tuesday, at 5:30PM, in the Prince Georges County offices of the Coalition, as noted above.

Join The Healthy DMV & Me Leaders as they introduce the coalition’s cutting edge mental health advocacy, programming, outreach, and case management for youth, young adults, & families of poorer & lower income means. Join the coalition as they continue to address the outpouring of trauma, & social economic challenges that evidently continue to plague vulnerable populations, and most especially marginalized community members living in and around the Prince Georges County area.

(Prince Georges County, Maryland) – The Healthy DMV & Me Leadership Coalition Inc. invites you to join them in their continued efforts at helping to eradicate the existence of disparities in healthcare, economic, educational, & housing resources for citizens challenged with little or no available systems of adequate, comprehensive care, management, and accountability stemming from legislative neglect, and culturally relevant resources.

Support the coalition as they help to save lives by preserving and restoring higher standards of mental &
trauma healthcare on the community level among families who are challenged to navigate social and systemic determinants which are systemically impeding their quality of life.

The coalition accepts donations in person and online via their websites: or Plan to watch the evening’s events unfold in person or via their social media link @:

The coalition appreciates your ongoing support of their “Capital City Emergency “Level II” Trauma & Wellness Center project which is slated to be built in Ward 8 S.E. D.C., by the Spring of 2023 with a “state of the art” community center and outreach hub. View the details at