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Helping Our Mental Health Community

M.I. Mother’s Keeper is dedicated to providing secure environments, in which members of our mental intelligence community can come and share their experiences with individuals who have similar relatable experiences. As you continue your journey of healing or while you sit still and ponder, know that there’s someone who understands and that you are not alone.

Our systems of support aim to serve all. There isn’t any judgment. We’ve replaced the word “illness” with “intelligence”, because we feel it’s time to change the climate of how we view mental health and the individuals and families that are surviving daily. We’re continuing the discussion…please join us. #M.I.isME!

Support Groups

I. Substance Abuse & Addiction Support.
“In Honor of Ronald D. Williams”

II. P.T.S.D., Anxiety, & other mental matters, from the male perspective.
“Moving Men”

III. Mental support for today’s woman.
“Dysfunctional Divas”

IV. Mental support for today’s adolescence.
“Teen Lives Matter”

Our Community Programs

Youth Programs

Senior Programs

Adult Programs

M.I.’s Mrs. Hamilton Is One Heck Of A “Community Resource”!

M.I.’s Mrs. Hamilton believes in and knows about the importance of investing in the community. Mrs. Hamilton has committed to volunteering countless hours and resources to help ensure that citizens in and around the communities that M.I. serve receive opportunities to help change and improve their quality of lives for the better. Mrs. Hamilton previously served on the United Planning Organization’s (U.P.O.) Health Advisory Council board which enabled her to remain connected to those families on the community level who needed advocacy the most.

Mrs. Hamilton is formerly the broker and owner of Coldwell Banker Household Realty, and she has also served as radio host of World Power Gospel Radio’s “Executive on Call” show.

She is currently a licensed producer of insurance in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia areas providing coverages in life, health, auto, property, mortgage, final expense, business, and other pertinent areas which aid families in protecting their legacies daily.

Volunteering and providing life changing opportunities for the families that M.I. serves allows Mrs. Hamilton to not only fulfill her personal commitment to helping families of mental health exposures win, but also it allows Mrs. Hamilton the opportunity to reverse the despair and hopelessness that often many individuals in the communities where M.I. programs are, live with daily.

Mrs. Hamilton is a founding member of the M.I. Mother’s Keeper organization, in addition she participates as a landlord with the District of Columbia’s homeless population, as well as being an investor of real estate for well over 20 years. She has participated in various initiatives designed to educate the community and general public about matters involving public health, welfare, and finances.

As a part of M.I.’s “Working on Me” Career Outreach initiative, Mrs. Hamilton will assist persons on the community level with not only learning about how to become employed as an insurance professional, but also how to use their knowledge of selling insurance to not only change their lives but the lives of their fellow community and family members.

Mrs. Hamilton knows that we can all make a difference one community, one initiative and one commitment at a time. Call today to schedule your life changing experience with Mrs. Hamilton. She’s empowering folks daily because she knows that we all lose when so many families and individuals still need jobs, mental health resources, housing, and ongoing support to live their best lives!

Learn more about Rhonda L. Hamilton, LLC Insurance Consultant at


MAMA’s Pizza Kitchen
2028 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20020

M.I. wishes to “thank” our community “hero” MAMA’s Pizza Kitchen, They Rock! Thanks for feeding the kids and parents during our “Reading for Riches” community literacy reading program.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper Advocating for Mental Health Matters! Join us as we Pledge to continue our support of S.A.M.H.S.A.'s 8 Dimensions of Wellness!