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M.I.’s Mother Fleming

M.I. Mother’s Keeper was founded in 2015, in honor of a courageous woman, Ms. Regina Fleming and many like her, who have personally managed to live with the obstacles and challenges that having a Mental illness brings.

In 2014 Ms. Fleming suffered a stroke and while under her doctor’s care Ms. Fleming was forced in to early retirement after navigating the District of Columbia’s mental health systems for well over 35 years and being employed as a mail attendant with the Department of Commerce respectfully for 20 years.

Ms. Fleming’s quality of living had long been modified by her outpatient mental health care daily and monthly challenges with receiving inadequate case management assistance to support her very independent means of living and working in the District, despite her decade’s earlier diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

There are many things in this life that we take for granted. It is the intent of the M.I. Mother’s Keeper organization, to contribute to a better quality of living for Ms. Fleming and the many brave citizens who like her, live with the challenges of trying to find a consistent means of stabilizing their mental realities, in order that they can truly live their best quality of life.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s campaigns of awareness, charitable donations, volunteering commitments, community vigils, educational outreach, social activism, mental wellness advocacy, prevention and intervention efforts, and many other intentions, are all done on the behalf of Ms. Fleming and our patrons in the Mental Health community. They will remain the primary benefactors of our consistent, genuine and solid commitments of support.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper aims to help improve community relations, housing circumstances, health advocacy, family initiatives, and all pertinent matters that will elevate and empower our folks in and around the Mental Health community that we serve.

We will also seek to affiliate and align ourselves with those organizations that have already paved the way for our patrons to receive such great services in our Mental Health community, and those who continue the fight effortlessly, and diligently.

Join our Movement of Empowerment Today!  We’re helping to “Educate and Empower” the community one church, school, civic organization, legislator, apartment community, corporation, etc. at a time; we would love it if we could add your organization to our “Mental Health” movement of “Empowerment”! M.I. Mother’s Keeper… Yes, I Am!

In Memoriam

December 29th, 1953 – January 7th, 2022

Click here for the celebration of our Matriach’s life


Ms. Regina Fleming

M.I. Mother’s Keeper Wants To Share Some Core Messages:

  • Mental health is primordial to anyone’s overall health and well-being. Mental illnesses are common and treatable.
  • People experience symptoms of mental illnesses distinctively—and some unfortunately engage in dangerous or risky behaviors to avoid or cover up symptoms of a potential mental health problem.
  • Sometimes people—especially younger people—struggle with mental health concerns and develop habits that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illnesses, or that could be signs of mental health problems themselves.
  • Activities like compulsive sex, recreational drug use, obsessive internet use, excessive spending, or disordered exercise patterns can all be behaviors that can disrupt someone’s mental health and potentially lead them down a path towards crisis.
  • It is important to understand early symptoms of mental illness and know when certain behaviors are potentially signs of something bigger.
  • We need to speak up early and educate people about risky behavior and its connection to mental illness—and always do so in a compassionate judgement-free way.
  • When we engage in prevention and identification, we can help reduce the burden of mental illness by identifying symptoms and warning signs early.

Advocate! Volunteer! Join The M.I. Board! Work For The Organization!

  • Volunteer.  Join M.I. out in the community.  Help with our outreach programs and initiatives.  Receive certificate for hours served after 90 days of volunteering with our agency.
  • Peer Advocate.  Join M.I. as a Peer Advocate after a minimum of six (6) months of volunteering within our agency.  Peer Advocates are eligible to receive daily or weekly stipends for transportation and other volunteer-related duties.  Required to complete the D.C. Dept. of Behavioral Health Peer Advocate designation for additional compensation opportunities.
  • Outreach Coordinator.  Become an Outreach Coordinator with M.I. after one (1) year minimum of serving as a Peer Advocate with our agency. Outreach Coordinators are eligible to receive hourly compensation for services rendered on behalf of M.I. in the field.  Subject to board approval.
  • Program Assistant.  After two (2) years minimum as an Outreach Coordinator for M.I., advance in to the Program Assistant role.  Program Assistants help with developing initiatives and outreach.  Hourly compensation for services rendered on behalf of M.I. and their community partners.  Subject to board approval.
  • Program Director.     Become a Program Director after three (3) years of service with M.I.  Help to develop, implement, and manage M.I. initiatives and outreach programming.  Program Directors serve under a contract with a designated negotiated compensation plan and are appointed for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Resource Coordinator.  Resource Coordinators help M.I. to develop and maintain community partnerships, locate resources, connect with families, and secure funding for ongoing outreach programs and initiatives.  Eligibility includes three (3) years minimum of service with the M.I. Mother’s Keeper organization.
  • Executive Director.  Serve as Executive Director of M.I. and become a part of a dynamic opportunity to spearhead the day to day operations of helping to improve the quality of life for the families and individuals that the organization serves.  As a contracted employee your duties and compensation will be negotiated by the board.  Eligibility includes a minimum of three (3) years of service with the M.I. Mother’s Keeper organization.  Final candidate selection subject to board approval.
  • Board Member.  Help serve on the M.I. Board and be a part of the “brains” of the organization.  Join with diverse, talented, professional, and genuinely committed members of the M.I. board who help to navigate and carry out the organization’s mission, objective, and purpose.  All board positions are voluntary and must commit to participating in a minimum of 4 quarterly calls a year.  Other requirements to be disclosed upon further appointment consideration.
  • Advisor.  Interested in being a part of M.I.’s strategic planning and development but not able to commit to community outreach or traditional service opportunities.  Serve as an advisor to the board.  Your talents and professional attributes can be an asset to the organization’s impact and success.

(Satisfactory background investigation required for each position.)
Interested parties should forward a resume’ along with cover letter indicating their level of interest for serving.