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M.I. Mother’s Keeper has partnered with the Jimmy Garvin Legacy Foundation, The Enantiosis Foundation, My Uncle Doc Golf Mentorship LLC, & The Marlton Golf Club to provide youths from across the D.M.V. with the opportunity to learn the discipline and rewarding nature of playing Golf for free on Saturday mornings.

M.I. is using the game of Golf to help teach the youth how to persevere despite their life challenges.

M.I. is also helping the youth to gain new perspectives on learning and positive ways to release their emotions all while navigating the meticulous rules and strategies that playing golf offers.

The youth learn about the correlation of the S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), components to the game of Golf. They enjoy lunch and transportation to and from the Saturday morning lessons.

The youth also identify with such learned behaviors as patience, diligence, respect, and other pertinent every day behavioral traits that help to shape and mold the youth’s focus and performance.

Youth are taught about the employment, scholarship, and business opportunities that Golf offers. Additionally, the youth are held accountable for their obedient and team player attitudes.

M.I. appreciates the opportunity to raise the “consciousness” of not only our communities, but especially the youth.

Please visit “file archive” at the bottom of the website’s home page for more information.