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“Teen Lives Matter” podcast is M.I.’s “CALL TO ACTION” for teen activism and awareness surrounding today’s youth mental health topics and concerns. The podcast is recorded weekly with an invited teen guest host from across the D.M.V. The weekly platform will be advertised across the Nation’s Capital and M.I.’s Social Media forums for the purposes of raising dialogue and awareness around youth concerns including suicide, peer pressure, generational differences, stress, etc.

M.I. is asking teens to “keep the discussions going”, because they matter! The “Teen Lives Matter” podcast content will be presented from the perspectives of the many youths and teens who suffer with various forms of mental health exposures and realities daily, as well as their peers who find it challenging and concerning to have friends who are dealing with mental health matters.

M.I’s “Teen Lives Matter” podcast and youth outreach programming’s main goal is to get and to keep the children “talking” about “mental health”, to help remove the STIGMA involved with asking for and needing help for mental health matters amongst the youth, and to provide a consistent environment to receive unconditional support that is also without judgment.