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M.I. Mother’s Keeper has joined Microsoft’s “Giving Community” to help members of the community “get to work” on their careers. Many of the families in the communities in which M.I. Mother’s Keeper serves and does outreach daily, are challenged to find and keep employment.

In many cases there are identifiable resources and skills that consumers lack when trying to secure adequate employment as a means of offsetting their current low earning circumstances, or lack of having a stable means of employment.

M.I.’s “Working on Me” Career Outreach initiative has been designed to introduce the job seeker to a consistent network of support and resources to help aid in their ongoing search for stable and rewarding employment opportunities.


M.I. knows the importance of helping to knock down the economic barriers that many families are facing and currently are dealing with daily while also trying to stabilize and recover from the onset of mental anxieties and realities because of seeking and not securing viable employment.

These career workshops include access to the latest computer software & customized training sessions designed to equip the job candidate with relevant skill and ‘know how’ capabilities for the purposes of increasing his or her employment opportunities. Additionally, there is resume’ prep., LinkedIn career friendly social media setup, assistance & tips, interview, & job role playing as well as proper etiquette, and other career building resources and focuses. M.I. provides transportation and reserved scheduling for these Microsoft career building workshops.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s “Working on Me” Career Outreach initiative workshops are “FREE” and are hosted on Thursday evenings 6-8PM monthly!  (Go to for schedule)

Insurance Sales Career Building & Training Workshops

M.I. is also spearheading “Free” Insurance license trainings & workshops, starting every 1 st & 4 th Thursday of the month.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper recognizes the importance of providing various professional career exposures to members of the community to help with fostering understandings of career opportunities not requiring college level educations, but seemingly able to provide income levels that could prove life changing for many families and individuals who might not otherwise have or seek out these exposures.

Through pre-licensing course material individuals will learn how to become licensed as an insurance sales professional. Additionally, individuals will be offered independent contractor sales employment and ongoing support with M.I.’s community partner and licensed Insurance producer upon successful completion of the course & licensing.

M.I. Mother’s Keeper’s is helping citizens and communities to win by investing in career training and job placement opportunities to ensure that every M.I. community has access to resources and knowledge to encourage a positive change in not only their behaviors but also their lives. (For more information see