October 25th, 2018

I believe going through so many trials and tribulations ALONE while juggling work and home life is enough to bring any single mother to her knees in desperation for some physical help.

When you’re going through the roughest times, you often hear “JUST PRAY ON IT”, but sometimes we need more than that.

We need a support group; a sisterhood of women who knows our struggle and are committed to being there for one another.

I have been looking for another women’s group for quite some time now and I am grateful that I stumbled upon Dysfunctional Diva.

I look forward to attending group every Tuesday and putting in the work that will help me to become more whole.

The fact that I gain the friendship of some wonderful, non-judgmental women along the way is an added bonus.  Let’s not be afraid to reach out for help.

No more suffering in silence or sharing our pain with people who just don’t understand.

Join the Dysfunctional Diva group and let’s help to make our communities better by transforming one woman at a time!!!

M Curt.